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The Wipers Times DVD

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The Wipers Times DVD

In the bombed-out ruins of Ypres in 1916, Captain Fred Roberts and Lieutenant Jack Pearson discovered a printing press. They used it to produce The Wipers Times a humorous, satirical and subversive trench newspaper which proved hugely popular with soldiers - though not entirely with their superior officers. Braving constant bombardment and bitter fighting, The Wipers Times survived the Somme and made it through to the end of the war. Roberts and Pearson were highly decorated - yet were unrecognised in their lifetime. The Wipers Times is a story of the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming adversity. The Wipers Times stars Ben Chaplin (London Boulevard, Me and Orson Welles, The New World), Julian Rhind-Tutt (The Hour, Green Wing), Michael Palin (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life Of Brian), Steve Oram (Sightseers, Kill List) and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness, Merlin) and is directed by Andy de Emmony (Love Bite, West Is West, The Bletchley Circle), produced by David Parfitt (My Week with Marilyn, Parades End, Shakespeare In Love) and written by Ian Hislop (A Bunch of Amateurs, My Dads The Prime Minister) and Nick Newman.

It was a wonderful tale waiting to be retold The Daily mail

An extraordinary true story...Funny, sad, and parculiliarly British. And told with an affectionate twinkle. Lovely. The Guardian.

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