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Sandcast Poppy Paperweight

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Sandcast Poppy Paperweight

A beautiful item in its own right and a touching remembrance piece. This strikingly modern sandcast paperweight has been designed to mark the First World War centenary.

Sandcasts are created in three stages. First a sand mould has to be prepared, shapes and textures pressed into the surface. Next the glass colours have to be added using templates and a sieve. The last stage is casting the glass, a graphite frame is placed around the sand mould and molten glass dropped in. Once the mould is full with glass it is left to cool for 3 minutes before the frame is removed and the sand and glass put into the kiln to cool slowly. The next day when they are cool, the sand is brushed off the back and the sandcast is finished.

The paperweight is 110mm wide by 110 mmm high.

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