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Captain Cook Anniversary £2 Coin

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Captain Cook Anniversary £2 Coin

Captain James Cook set sail for Tahiti 250 years ago, in the summer of 1768. His task: identifying a ‘southern continent’ which was the subject of rumours, and also observing the Transit of Venus. Through his pioneering voyages of discovery, Captain Cook expanded our understanding of the world beyond known horizons. He made history his own, making scientific discoveries, charting unreached waters and opening new trading routes to the world.
To mark his best-known voyage of discovery, a unique design that spans three £2 coins has been created by designer and sculptor Gary Breeze. When the coins are placed together, the design can be seen as a whole. As well as the release of this coin, two further coins will be available in 2019 and 2020.
The design of this coin focuses on the stern of Captain Cook’s famous ship, HM Bark Endeavour, leaving Plymouth. The ensign and the flag of the United Kingdom are visible, while Plymouth town nestles between the dates and Cook’s name. The distinctive signature of Captain Cook is included and the numbers ‘250’ mark the anniversary.
Key Selling Points k
-The first in a three-coin series celebrating Captain Cook
-Designed by designer and sculptor Gary Breeze
-Marks the 250th anniversary of Captain Cook’s voyages of discovery
-The first time Captain Cook has appeared on a UK coin

-The first coin in a three-year series that will follow Captain Cook’s voyage in real time
-Gary Breeze’s ‘puzzle’ design builds over three years to tell Captain Cook’s story
-Unique puzzle-style packaging that builds each year
-Struck to a higher standard than the coins we use every day
-Enlist now to be the first to hear when the next coin is released

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