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Trench Map Jigsaw

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Trench Map Jigsaw

1000 piece jigsaw based on the trench map WO 153/167 held in the collection of The National Archives. A fiendishly puzzle with a sense of history.

The trench map upon which this jigsaw is based is one of over 500 in the series WO 153 which cover the 1916 Battles on the Somme. WO 153/167 VIII Corps Dispositions 1 July 1916, shows where each British Army Division which made up VIII Corp was aty 07:30 am on the 1st of July, 1916 and where each of the battalions of infantry were when battle commenced.
Perhaps the most shocking thing about this particular trench map is what it shows of the plans for 1 July, 1916 and with knowledge of the battle in hindsight, what horror it actually does not record.

On the right hand side of the map are markings showing where the infantry was expected to arrive at various times after 07:30 am. Such markings include timings for 01:20 and 02:40 after Zero Hour. Beaumont Hamel which is almost in the centre of the map did not fall into allied hands until 14 November, 1916, so the anticipated timings denoted on the map become more horrifying considering the number of lives which were lost on 1 July and subsequent days on the Somme.

In the centre of the map, the position of 86th Infantry Brigade, including the 1st Lancashire Fusiliers is marked. To the right of where the Lancashire Fusiliers are on the map, is Sunken Lane, which although not actually named on the map, is from where the battalion launched their attack towards Beaumont Hamel. The battalion was filmed here just prior to their attack by Geoffrey Malins and they feature in his film of the Somme. Also featured in the film, is the blowing up of Hawthorn Ridge Redoubt. The redoubt is marked on the map as Q 10 B 8.9.

Finished size 700 x 510 mm.

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