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Roots Magic UK Standard Edition

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Roots Magic UK Standard Edition

The release of version 4 of RootsMagic brings about a change in the way you can carry both the software and data around with you. Lugging a laptop is not ideal, but how else are you to carry your family tree in your pocket to relatives, archives and libraries? Version 4 allows you to carry all your information and software on a USB stick using RootsMagic To-Go. This is the only family history software that can run directly from a USB stick, it allows you to install both the program and your data onto a 250 MByte or larger memory stick from your PC.

The new release of RootsMagic also adds the following new features to what was already the leading package according to many reviewers.

The Standard version of the software comes with £1,620-worth of vouchers off the British Data Archive Census CD Sets
Includes the Bartholomew's 1898 Royal Atlas of England and Wales, a complete series of topographical maps, statistical charts, town plans, and index of 35,000 place names (England & Wales). This atlas also contains street maps showing places no longer in existence through development or bombing in WWII.

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