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Spitfire Combat Operations 1939-1945

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Spitfire : Combat Operations 1939-1945 (DVD)

Spitfires and their sea-borne brothers Seafires are legendary fighter planes, well known amongst both the Axis and the Allied forces, this DVD covers intriguing aspects of their history normally forgotten in modern films.

This DVD is a collection of 3 films which are as follows :

Aircraft Recognition: Spitfires is a film that covers the engineering and technological background of the Spitfire and the different versions that were produced. It helpfully shows the different key engineering milestones in its history amongst the different versions that were produced and identifies why these changes were made. It also covers the areas of combat in which these spitfires thought with some real combat footage.

Fighter Pilot shows the realities of being a pilot of a Spitfire during world war II, the cramped conditions that the pilot faced with all of their equipment, including their thick clothing and oxygen masks. This film shows the training that a pilot has to undergo in order to fly one of these machines and the viewer gets to go on a real patrol with the spitfire.

The Daily Inspection of a Spitfire is the final of the three films and perhaps the most enjoyable film for any aviation enthusiast. This film shows the spitfire undergoing its daily inspection which shows all the fine details that must be undertaken to keep this plane air worthy during the war and shows the roles of the rigger, the flight mechanic, the armourer, the wireless operator, the electrician and the instrument repairer undertaking each of their individual checks.

These three films are taken from original war time films and therefore give an insight into the second world war in a way that no contemporary documentary is able to.

Staff Reviews

This is the ultimate primary source guide to the aircraft that saved the British Isles from Nazi domination. Four contemporary films provide a fascinating primary source look at the aircraft in combat, on the ground and in the air. Included here is the actual film of the Battle Of Britain made in 1941, plus three fascinating public information and training films, including the definitive Spitfire recognition film from 1944 and the famous public information film by Air Marshal Sir Philip Joubert celebrating the contribution of the RAF pilots.