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Arnhem 1944 DVD

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Arnhem 1944 : One Bridge Too Far ?

A newsreel history of " Operation Market Garden ". This is the tragic story of the last bridge in the ill-fated 'Operation Market-Garden', and features rare newsreel footage of the Allied operation that was supposed to end World War Two in 1944.

General Montgomery's conclusion was that Market Garden was '90 per cent successful'. However, the rest of the world is divided and many historians regard this as Hitler's last victory in the war. The attack was in fact a disaster from the British point of view and represented the last victory in the war for Hitler's armies.

Featuring extensive footage from the training films and newsreel cameras of both sides plus a return to the battlefield under the direction of Robert Kershaw, author of the best-selling book 'It Never Snows In September'.

This is the powerful film account of an immortal episode in the history of warfare.

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