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A Foreign Field

by Ben Macintyre

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A Foreign Field

A wartime romance, survival saga and murder mystery set in rural France during the First World War, from the bestselling author of Operation Mincemeat and Agent Zig-Zag.

The self-styled leader of the band of fugitives, Private Robert Digby, falls in love with the twenty-year-old-daughter of one of his protectors and in November 1915, with war waging a few miles away, she gives birth to a baby girl. The child is just six months old when someone betrays the men to the Germans. They are captured, tried as spies and summarily condemned to death.

Using the testimonies of the daughter, the villagers, detailed town hall records and most movingly -- the soldiers' last letters -- Ben Macintyre reconstructs an extraordinarily story of love, duplicity and shame -- ultimately seeking to discover through decades of village rumour the answer to the question, 'Who betrayed Private Digby and his men?' In this new updated edition the mystery is finally solved.

Ben Macintyre is a participant in The National Archives Writer of the Month programme.

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