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Trench Map : Maricourt 62C NW1

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Trench Map : Maricourt 62C NW1

This map contains, again, many places worth visiting and of great historical interest. It ‘ends’ at the River Somme. Carnoy is on the left and, due east of it, are Maricourt and Maricourt Wood. These are just behind the front line and events there on 1, July, were/are well known. Two of the sites of great historical interest are Y Wood, where the Germans’ lines were unusually lower than those of their opponents and the Chapeau de Gendarme. Both these were featured in the ‘Before Endeavours Fade’ column in Gun Fire. Note the unbelievable strength of the German defences in this area with the second line beginning (on this map) at Falfemont Farm skirting Maurepas and going south (again on this map) to Mimsey Wood. Note, the location of Ivy Tree Post and an unnamed ‘Post’ on a causeway going across marshy land below the well-known Fargny Mill. The equally well-known Machine Gun Wood appears on the British front line. There is evidence of mining north of Carnoy (near the figure 8 and more or less on the 120 contour line).

Trenches corrected to 2 June, 1916. Scale 1:10,000.

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