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Trench Map : Serre/Hebuterne 57D NE 3 & 4 (parts of)

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Trench Map : Serre/Hebuterne 57D NE 3 & 4 (parts of)

All the ‘Battle of the Somme’ maps are on the 1:10,000 scale and the front line on this one runs down the centre of it from Gommecourt to the Redan Ridge. Trenches here are corrected to 23 February, 1916, Hebuterne is just behind the British front line, which is simply sketched in blue. Not so the German lines. Many writers have described the area’s incredibly complex defences and they are clearly shown. The four famous copses opposite Serre are clearly marked and many other familiar names are to be found Observation Wood and Nameless Farm for example. In the northern part of the British line some lines have been added by hand.

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