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Trench Map France Sheet 57D NE Ed. 2 B

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Trench Map France Sheet 57D NE
Ed. 2 B

Edition 2B May 1916 Corrected to 16 May, 1916.

Covers the area of the Somme battle, covering the line(s) from Monchy-au-Bois, to Gommecourt and Serre. The original was in an excellent condition. Gommecourt is another of those villages known from its prominence on 1 July, 1916 (it was the northern limit of the attack). Serre is as familiar and is irrevocably associated with the attack made by the Accrington Pals. Near to Serre, clearly marked, are the famous John, Luke, Mark and Matthew copses. Fonquevillers, the next village to Gommecourt, was Funkyvillers to the British troops. This is a superb map with the German front line and trenches shown in meticulous detail and running from north to south down the centre of it. Scale of 1:20,000

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