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We Shall Never Surrender : Wartime Diaries 1939 -1945

by Donald Fry

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We Shall Never Surrender : Wartime Diaries 1939 -1945

During the six long years of the Second World War the British psyche was changed irrevocably. British men and women on both the war front and at home were forced to take life-altering decisions, independently. What no-one could predict was the consequences on the family and on society of these independent journeys by husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, siblings.

Nobody would ever be the same. We Shall Never Surrender takes us through key moments in that six-year conflict through a range of distinct voices, professions and geographical locations. Some will be known to readers already, others unfamiliar but all have been selected for their ability to write well and to conjure empathy in the reader.

The majority will take us throughout the war, though some by necessity will fade away to be replaced by others. Each of the diarists will be properly introduced, but ultimately they will tell their own, fascinating stories.

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