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You Have Been Warned

by Fougasse & McCullough

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You Have Been Warned: A Complete Guide to the Road

This guide to the road, originally published in Britain in 1935, is a compilation of humorous advice for perplexed motorists. It contains perennially useful tips on such topics as hand signals for drivers - from 'I am going to shake the ash off my cigarette' to 'I am frightfully fond of horses' - and 'The Road-User's Statute of Liberty and Magna Carta of the Road' (the Highway Code). A section on motor tours relates the pitfalls of map-reading and choosing a hotel, and sample driving-test questions are given ('Q: Describe the difference between roads made by the Romans and those constructed nowadays.

A: The roads made by the Romans have lasted until the present time'). Illustrated throughout with more than 100 witty line drawings by Fougasse, the cartoonist best known for his contributions to Punch magazine, this charming book is a reminder of a time when driving was a relative novelty and was attended with a sense of excitement. It is now brought back to life for modern readers and would be an ideal gift for learner drivers or 'the average motorist' who, 'contrary to the general belief, does not go about the country intentionally causing disaster'

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This would be the perfect stocking filler for your mad motorist cousin. It is a totally charming little book originally published in the 1930s and illustrated with quirky little cartoons from Fougasse. Back in the 1930s the car was a relative innovation and driving a novelty but you will see those bad habits of inattention and lack of consideration for others kicked in early. There is a useful section on interpreting hand signals (remember when you signalled turning left by sticking your hand out the right window and rotating your hand ?) which indicates how much the world has changed. Today if someone signals with their hand out a car window it is usually the beginning of a road rage incident. Other sections explore the theoretical driving test, tips for touring by car and little driving related anecdotes. Sally Hughes Assistant Retail Manager