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Gypsies in Britain

by Janet Keet-Black

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Gypsies In Britain

Gypsies have been a part of the British and European social fabric for centuries - and have faced prejudice and oppression for nearly as long, since at least the time of Henry VIII. Theirs is a peripatetic existence, dwelling in tents and in caravans and living often precariously at the edges of towns and villages, moving on in search of opportunities or as mainstream society drives them away. Gypsies of Britain explores the history of this unique lifestyle, looking at how Gypsies have maintained their distinctive culture and how they have adapted to the twenty-first century, and shedding light on a range of traditional Gypsy occupations including harvesting, horse-dealing, fortune-telling and rat-catching.

Archive illustrations and modern photographs depict their lives, work and ornately carved and painted caravans.

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