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House Histories

by Melanie Backe-Hansen

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House Histories: The Secrets Behind Your Front Door

As a nation we are obsessed with property: prices, interior design and restoration, and the creation of a home. Now there is another avenue to explore: the history of your house. In this updated second edition, Britain's leading house historian uncovers the hidden stories and secrets of ordinary and extraordinary homes across the country.

Gain a unique insight into our social and architectural history through a wide range of houses, including new stories for this edition, from workers' cottages to aristocratic mansions. Tudor farmhouses, Georgian mansions and twentieth-century modernist designs all have a tale to tell. From homes once occupied by famous figures such as H.G.

Wells and Benjamin Disraeli to details of the everyday lives of people living in railway and fishermen's cottages, House Histories takes the reader through the centuries of change experienced by each house. As well as providing a rich insight into the ever-changing past of dwellings up and down the country, House Histories helps readers get started on revealing the heritage of their own homes by outlining the main research sources available, how to use them and providing ample case studies as examples.

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