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How Fat Was Henry VIII

by Raymond Lamont-Brown

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How Fat Was Henry VIII : 101 Others Questions and Answers on Royal History

Ever wondered how fat Henry VIII really was? Or what made Mary I 'Bloody'? Over many hundreds of years royalty has had its fair share of accidents, rumours, scandals, misrepresentations and misconceptions. For instance, was George III's 'madness' caused by porphyria, or was it due to arsenic poisoning? Or what really happened between Queen Victoria and her Highland servant John Brown? In today's world, where newspapers clamour to report new revelations about the Royal Family, this informative and quirky book gives the inquisitive reader an in-depth look at the secrets of our past royals. For anyone interested in royal matters, or curious about what went on behind the palace walls, Raymond Lamont-Brown helps answer all those intriguing, confusing, mysterious and entertaining questions we might have about our monarchs.

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