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London Cemeteries

by Hugh Meller

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London Cemeteries : A Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer

The cemeteries of Greater London have been a neglected area of the capital's history. They are filled not only with the remains of recent generations but also with a wealth of architectural and social history that is described here in an entertaining and eloquent narrative full of picturesque melancholy. London Cemeteries is a comprehensive guide and gazetteer to all 126 cemeteries within Greater London.

Listed alphabetically and with a map to help locate them, for each cemetery it includes the address, the date of foundation, the owner, the size, a note on its history, development and current state, and the names, dates and major achievements of any noteworthy people buried there. There are also chapters on the origins of London's cemeteries and cemetery history, planning, architecture and epitaphs. Illustrated throughout with both modern photographs and a wide range of rarely seen archive images, it is an essential source of information for anyone interested in London's social and architectural history, as well as biographical and genealogical researchers.

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