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Treswell's Survey of Purbeck 1585-6

by Ed. Mark Forrest

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Treswell's Survey of Purbeck 1585-6

When Elizabeth I’s courtier Sir Christopher Hatton acquired lands in Purbeck he commissioned Ralph Treswell to produce a survey of his estate. Treswell used the most advanced and revolutionary mapping techniques to create a document that still conveys the character of the late Tudor landscape. The detailed plan of Corfe Castle gives an insight into the building’s features and construction only sixty years before its destruction in the Civil War.

This facsimile edition reproduces all of his maps, together with maps by Saxton and Hawsted with which they were bound, the accompanying written survey and a transcription in modern English.

Martin Papworth, National Trust regional archaeologist, Rose Mitchell, map curator at the National Archives, Jenny Halling Barnard, conservator, and Mark Forrest, archivist, both at the Dorset History Centre introduce the text in four essays that provide a national cartographic, archaeological and historic context by exploring the themes of early map making, land use, manuscript conservation and estate management.

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