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Trench Map France 36C SW : Lens-Maroc-Souchez-Vimy

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Trench Map France 36C SW : Lens-Maroc-Souchez-Vimy

This 1:20,000 scale map shows the trenches and the area as it was in February 1917. It shows in incredible detail the evidence of mining in the area with Petit Vimy and Vimy itself at the bottom of it. Fresnoy is also shown at the bottom of the map which goes over as far as Mantiqny and Rouvroy. The defences of Lens are shown in great detail and the area is mainly German occupied, of course. This map is unbelievably evocative and indicates the depth of the German defences in great detail. Note the Oppy Méricourt, Verdim line. The area was to change dramatically not long after this sheet was produced, of course. Note the proximity of the two front lines and the abundant evidence of mine warfare.

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