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Trench Map Beauquesne 57D SW

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Trench Map Beauquesne 57D SW

Scale; 1:20,000 - Dated 20.5.18.

Map 57D S.W. covers an area to the west of Albert from Pierregot in the south to Beauquesne in the north. This was during German attacks of Spring 1918. The map (marked secret) shows two lines of trenches, running roughly North/South in blue. Names such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Copses, Daily Mail Woods, Villers Bocage, Vent-Galand, of RFC aerodrome fame etc. Albert was captured 26.3.18 and the Germans pushed on towards Amiens where they were held. An interesting detail when the German took Albert, was that they captured one of the printing presses used for the production of these maps. For most of the war this area was occupied by the allies, but in May 1918 things changed.

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