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Trench Map Bapaume 57C NW Ed. 8 B (local)

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Trench Map Bapaume 57C NW
Ed. 8 B (local)

Scale 1: 20,000 - Dated 4-6-18.

From November 1914 to the German attack on 21st March 1918 the Western Front moved very little. True there were many allied offensives but in the large scale of things, very little ground changed hands. The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line in 1917 was planned, and as a result trench maps were a regular feature, with constant updating. After the German offensive in March 1918 the Front became more fluid and there was more emphasis on strong points than Trenches. Maps changed, with more enemy organisation maps used than in earlier years and the Bapaume map is a fine example of this type, showing the area from Bapaume to Moyennville in the North.

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