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On 19 April 1956, Commander Lionel 'Buster' Crabb carried out a spying mission for MI6 under a Soviet warship berthed in Portsmouth Harbour. The went went disastrously wrong.
Crabb died during the dive. A cover-up was hastily attempted. An embargo was imposed on disclosure of the facts. Daily Mail reporter, Peter Marshall, was first to expose the deception. His report was swiftly followed by a host of others representing the press, radio and television. The bungled cover-up by the government, MI6 and the Admiralty led to confusion and speculation which was further fuelled by extending the embargo to 100 years.

This book attempts to answer that question. It is an extended version of 'Commander Crabb, What Really Happened?' (2014) and incorporates information disclosed by the National Archives in October 2015.

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