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Blackamoores : Africans in Tudor England Their Presence Status and Origins

An original study on the role and presence of Africans in Tudor England.

"this is original research, both in the terms of the trajectory of questions that it poses and in its painstaking, scrupulously detailed gathering of information from formerly untapped sources of evidence, such as, for example, the scouring of 16th century Anglican Church parish records for information on the circumstances of Africans residing in England during the period.

In its incovering of the multifacted aspects of the social and political interactions bwteeen Africans and Englishmen in the Tudor period, this research is unique and cutting-edge. This scholarship sheds light on formerly obscure experiences of Africans, enhances our knowledge base concerning the international mobility of Africans during the period under study and provides a richly developed foundation for further investigation along similar lines." Professor Gloria House Director of African and African American Studies Michigan-Dearborn University.

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