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HMS Hampshire: A Century Of Myths And Mysteries Unravelled

by James Irvine Ed.

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HMS Hampshire : A Century of Myths and Mysteries Unravelled

Shortlisted for Mountbatten Maritime Media Award 2017

The loss of the HMS Hampshire and Lord Kitchener on 5 June 1916 shocked the nation. Ten years Later Orkey commemorated the disaster with the Kitchener Memorial.

The details and causes of the sinking and associated loss of life and of the subsequent diving on the wreck have been shrouded by secrecy and censorship and contorted by rumour and hoaxes, which in turn have gibven rise to consiracy theories and indignation that linger to this day. Twelve authors have pooled their expertise to sort fact from fiction with an objective review of the many books, press cuttings and copious unpublished records now available.

This volume also traces the story of the Kitchener Memorial and describes the events staged in Orkney to mark the centenary.

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