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Jewish Ancestors?

by Rosemary Wenzerul

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Jewish Ancestors? : A Guide to Reading Hebrew Inscriptions and Documents

When researching a Jewish family, it is extremely likely that you will come across various items and documents written in Hebrew. A Guide to Reading Hebrew Inscriptions and Documents is designed specifically to help those people (whether Jewish or non-Jewish) who have difficulty in reading or understanding Hebrew. The idea is to compare the Hebrew on a document, photograph, inscription etc with the information shown in the Guide. For example, you may not be able to read the Hebrew inscription on a relative's grave. By referring to the sections in this Guide, this will be easily achieved. All the Hebrew in the book has English explanation, translation and transliteration. Reasons behind some of the inscriptions and Jewish customs both in the home and in the Synagogue have also been included in order to help researchers understand the religious side of their roots.

It is very difficult, in fact near impossible, for those of us who are unable to understand or read Hebrew to interpret the Hebrew wording. Being in this position is most frustrating and restrictive. I have, therefore, put together a comprehensive guide which I hope will help resolve this problem.

The Guide includes the Hebrew alphabet, Hebrew vowels, numerical values, Jewish calendar, conversion tables, formula to convert a Jewish year to a Gregorian year, how to read headstones, symbols on headstones and their meanings, frequently used Hebrew words with abbreviations found on tombstones, Hebrew given boys' and girls' names, Hebrew letters which are liable to be misread, glossary of Yiddish terms, examples of Hebrew documents/inscriptions, many photographs and much more.

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