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Down To Bedrock

by Eric Cordingly

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Down to Bedrock: The Diary and Secret Notes of a Far East Prisoner of War Chaplain 1942-45

These recently discovered papers contain the story of one man's experience as prisoner-of-war of the Japanese from 1942-45, first in Changi in Singapore and then up-country beside the River Kwai during the building of the infamous railway. As a young priest Eric Cordingly suddenly found himself catapulted into a praish of 50,000 fellow captives. With an unsentimental and practical approach this modest man set about his pastoral duties under the most harrowing conditions. His diary and secret notes were writen when he had no idea whether or not he would survive. This eye witness account and many original illustrations by fellow POWs which he collected and kept with his papers create a vid picture of three and a half years' life in captivity.

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