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The Woman Who Didn't Exist

by Kath & Clive Richardson

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The Woman Who Didn't Exist

Margaret Burns was born in 1889, into an ordinary working class family from the north of England. Her father was a coalminer and her mother a housewife whose life was spent in an endless cycle of domesticity and child rearing. As Margaret grew up, she yearned to escape the stifling constraints of her mundane existence but had neither the means nor the opportunity to pursue her dreams. Her life was changed dramatically however by the tragic repercussions of World War One, as she was forced, as a loving mother, to make some heartbreaking and shocking decisions.

Was Margaret the devious and self-centred woman many thought her to be or merely an unseen casualty of war, who committed the most desperate deeds simply to survive? Would her scheming realise her dreams of finding happiness again or would she, ultimately, have to pay the price for her deceitful past? And as the story reaches its dramatic climax, why did she become 'The Woman Who Didn't Exist'?

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