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by Adam Robson

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Tunisia: The 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards 1942-1943

In July 1940 the remnants of the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards were evacuated to England from Dunkirk following the disastrous campaign of the British Expeditionary Force. In November 1942 it returned to overseas service, playing a prominent role in what would become one of the greatest Axis collapses of the Second World War: the unconditional surrender of Heeresgruppe Afrika in Tunisia.

Incorporating over six years of research across five countries and utilizing a variety of previously unpublished material (inclucing diaries, letters, poetry, memoirs, contemporary interviews, and official documents), Dr Robson’s innovative account expertly chronicles the role of the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Tunisian Campaign of 1942-1943, covering the North African Theatre in comprehensive detail and reappraising important gaps in the historical literature.

Written for both the academic and casual reader alike, this sizable 720 page text recounts the Battalion’s (then part of the 1st Guards Brigade) involvement in the reformation of the British Military post 1940, its function in Combined Operations and Force 110 during the aborted THRUSTER, PILGRIM, BLAZING & LANCING Operations of 1941-1942 (the planned invasions of São Miguel, Gran Canaria, Alderney and Sainte Cecily), as well as its role in the Allied landings in French Northwest Africa in Operation TORCH (during which it was a leading component of the 78th Infantry and later 6th Armoured Division).

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