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A Group Photograph

by Andrew Tatham

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A Group Photograph : Before, Now and In-Between A History & Art Project

As featured on the Jeremy Vine Show, this book is the culmination of 21 years of research & creation based on a First World War group photograph. The lives of all 46 men in the photograph are told through artefacts, letters, poems, stories, family tree drawings, photographs, photomontages, memorials, old stained glass windows, & new stained glass windows.

There are some wonderful and touching stories to be told of these men and their families. You may not know who these individuals are but in telling their specific stories and making artwork based on them, the author is aiming to say some things that are universal to all of us as human beings - about the mysteries of life and death, about how we choose to deal with the things that life chooses for us, and about how we are remembered.

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