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Darlingest : Milverton In The War

by Elizabeth mcDowell

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Darlingest : Milverton in the War

A compulsive letter writer draws back the curtain on a small Somerset village during World War Two. Who was it she wrote to as 'Darlingest'?

As local men went off to war, others took their place: children from North Harringay school; the war weary survivors of Dunkirk defending the west whilst training to fight again in North Africa; and finally, the Americans. All the while Milverton quietly battled increasing wartime demands: planning defence against German invasion; teaching evacuees; playing its part in feeding the nation, even foraging wild herbs to produce medicine.

Nellie's letters connect us to a story of laughter, tears and intrigue. Who was the charming Army captain who danced with her? What had he done in the BEF before leading his company off the beach at Dunkirk? Could a local baker have discovered the date of D-Day from an order for pound cake?How did a GI's lost dog tag link Milverton to storming Omaha Beach on D-Day and the dreadful events of the Battle of the Bulge?

This is no fictional history or romantic novel. This is a powerful and evocative account of real life in Milverton during the Second World War, unearthed by those who live there today.

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