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Bad Girls In Britain : Gender Justice and Welfare 1900-1950

by Pamela Cox

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Bad Girls In Britain : Gender Justice and Welfare 1900-1950

Publishing for the first time in paperback, this major study of the history of British 'bad girls' uses a wide range of professional, popular and personal texts to explore the experiences of girls in the twentieth-century juvenile justice system. By examining the processes leading to their definition as variously delinquent, defective or neglected, Pam Cox focuses on the complexity of their sexual and other transgressions and analyses the different possibilities for public and private reform made available to them, emphasising the crucial connections between criminal justice and charitable facilities. She shows how 'bad girls', though few in number, posed a recurring challenge to established generational and gender orders, and questions the popular contemporary belief that 'rising' delinquency among girls has been the product of late twentieth-century social changes.

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