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John Saturnall's Feast

by Lawrence Norfolk

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John Saturnall's Feast

In the remote village of Buckland, a mob chants of witchcraft. It is 1625, and John and his mother are running for their lives. Taking refuge among the trees of Buccla's Wood, John's mother opens her book and begins to tell her son of an ancient Feast kept in secret down the generations.

Little does he know that one day, to keep hold of all that he holds most dear, he most realize his mother's vision - he must serve the Saturnall Feast.

Staff Reviews

Shades of Suskind's Perfume against a backdrop of the English Civil War; a 17th- century Heston Blumenthal with a perfect palate cooks up witchcraft and wonder. This is a book to savour like Saturnall’s feast; itself a rich and heady mix of sensuality fusing food and love. Sally Hughes Assistant Retail Manager