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The Thief, The Fool And The Big Fat King

by Terry Deary

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The Thief, the Fool and the Big Fat King

Every day, hapless hopefuls - or 'coneys', as the locals call them - travel to dirty and dangerous London, trying to seek their fortunes. But what and who is waiting for them when they get there? Tricksters and conmen, like young Eleanor's family, who prey on the naivety of 'coneys'. As Eleonor grows older and more aware of the goings on around her, she becomes troubled by her family's cunning and foils their plans to catch a 'coney'.

Meanwhile, the fearsome King Henry VIII has some rather cruel ideas of justice ...for everyone. Terry Deary's Tudor Tales explore the infamous world of the Tudors through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time. These stories feature real monarchs and characters and take place in some of the most recognizable Tudor settings.

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