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Britain Goes To War

by Ed. Peter Liddle

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Britain Goes To War : How the First World War began to reshape the Nation

The First World War had a profound impact on British society and on British relations with continental Europe, the Dominions, the United States and the emerging Soviet Union. The pre-war world was transformed, and the world that we recognize today began to take shape. That is why, 100 years after the outbreak, the time is right for this collection of thought-provoking chapters that reassesses why Britain went to war and the preparations made by the armed forces, the government and the nation at large for the unprecedented conflict that ensued.

A group of distinguished historians looks back, with the clarity of a modern perspective, at the issues that were critical to Britain's war effort as the nation embarked on the most intense and damaging struggle in its history. In a series of penetrating chapters they explore the reasons for Britain going to war, the official preparations, the public reaction, the readiness of the armed forces, internment, the impact of the opening campaign, the experience of the soldiers, recruitment, training, weaponry, the political implications, and the care of the wounded.Contributors: Chris Baker, John Bourne, Roger Chapman, Alison Fell, Nick Forder, Clive Harris, Andrea Hetherington, Spencer Jones, Peter Liddle, Philip Magrath, Catriona Pennell, Matthew Richardson, Gary Sheffield, Peter Simkins, Paul Skelton-Stroud, Edward M. Spiers, Dominic Tweddle, John Whitchurch

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