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A Dictionary of Family History

by Jonathan Scott

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A Dictionary of Family History : The Genealogists' ABC

Part encyclopedia, part dictionary, part almanac - Jonathan Scott's Dictionary of Family History doesn't claim to be exhaustive, but it is practical, easy to use, entertaining and genuinely informative. It is the kind of book you can dip into or use as a starting point for deeper study, and it is the essential companion for experienced family historians and for anyone who is approaching this fascinating subject for the first time. Thousands of A to Z entries are full of intriguing facts.

There are definitions, timelines and terminologies, details of archives and websites as well as advice on research methods and explanations of genealogical peculiarities and puzzles that would test the knowledge of even veteran researchers. Longer entries explaining the mechanics of the first census and other major sources and records rub shoulders with simple one-line definitions of obscure terms, useful addresses and signposts to little-known but rewarding corners of family, local and social history. This concise, clear and wide-ranging compendium of helpful, sometimes surprising information is a valuable reference tool for everyone in the field.

Staff Reviews

I couldn't wait to read A Dictionary of Family History. Initially, I thought it would be like an ordinary dictionary that you pick up and consult when the need arises. As I began to browse through, I realised that at last, here was a book that was interesting and informative, easy to read and consult and packed full of answers to the many questions and genealogical problems that I had sought to be answered for so long. As I browsed through the book I found it so interesting that I could not put it down. It is full of interesting facts, dates, timelines, information and advice. Here you will find genealogical terminology explained in simpler terms, information explaining the census, advice on how to start your research, definitions of obsolete facts, civil registrations explained, where to access parish registers and probate records, and how the whole recording system works as well as little known sources of information uncovered. Jonathan Scott is a freelance writer specialising in family history and he certainly knows his subject. He leaves no stone unturned, listing archives, hundreds of websites relating to almost every subject that the family historian would need to visit, including military, catalogues and many searchable data bases. There are a huge number of websites listed for many different aspects of family history research so be prepared to dip in and out of this book alongside being online checking out the links provided. I'm sure your family history research can only be enriched by the contents of this book. I think it is a 'must' for all family historians. I hope you will think so too! Stella Sass Friends of The National Archives http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/get-involved/friends.htm Friends of The National Archives