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Martin Harbottle's Appreciation of Time

by Dominic Utton

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Martin Harbottle's Appreciation of Time

Dan's got a new job. But he's moved out of town in order to start a family and had to start commuting into London every day, leaving his young wife Beth and newborn daughter at home. After fourteen months of the trains either making him late for work or late getting home, he's had enough.

Tracking down the email address of the MD of the train company, he starts to write him letters. Emails that take as long to write as the delay to his journey has been. If his time's been wasted, why shouldn't he waste the MD's? And so begins an hilarious and extraordinary correspondence.

When the MD begins to write back, Dan has a dysfunctional father-confessor to talk to - one who he never imagined would care. In truth, he probably doesn't. But Dan finds solace in opening up to a stranger about the dramas of his day job at a scandal-hit newspaper, the challenges of his night job as the father of a baby who isn't sleeping, and about life as it is played out for a bit over an hour (well, sometimes longer) every morning and every evening in the confines of Coach C, while world events pass its odd mix of inhabitants by.

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