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The Dam Buster Raid : A Reappraisal 70 Years On

by Alan W. Cooper

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Dam Buster Raid : A Reappraisal 70 Years On

Seventy years ago, 133 airmen of 617 Squadron, later known the Dambusters set out to destroy the Ruhr Dams in Germany. This book not only covers the raid in some detail , but also records what has gone on since May 1943. This one operation amongst many carried out by Bomber Command has become one of the most well known in the whole history of WWII.

Indeed, a very successful film was made about it which became a classic, etching the dramatic events of the Dambuster raids in the minds of young and old alike. This book works as a tribute to the 53 men who were killed on the operation and the men who returned from the operation but were later killed on further sorties with 617 and other squadrons. Also, to the men who survived the war but have subsequently passed away.

Cooper brings together various narrative threads, focussing on stories recorded in document form and acquired on a first-hand basis to give a real insight into the daily operations of the squadron.

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