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Up To Their Necks

by Joe P Plant

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Up To Their Necks : The Story of a National Serviceman

The beginning of the Cold War began within days of the end of the Second World War, yet conscription still continued to replace the demobilisation of the existing armed forces still serving in war-torn Europe, the middle and Far East territories of the British Empire. Who better to replace them than over two million eligible eighteen year old young men who were thoroughly enjoying their freedom until a brown envelope fluttered through the letterbox informing: You're Conscripted Laddie.

This is a factual and personal story about the camaraderie that quickly developed among many during their enforced National Service. They did not want to do it, but I am sure that they, like me, had some great times despite all the grief that was dished out! I sincerely trust that the chapters within my story do relate to similar incidents, albeit under different circumstances, that occurred to thousands of others. For all of us it was a period of you had to do it. No ifs or buts and for many that did enjoy that way of life, and did re-enlist, good luck to them.

Nevertheless, I can honestly say that I now look back with pride that I became one of the millions of young conscripts who did survive to tell the tale.

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