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War Gazettes 1914-1919

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War Gazettes 1914-19 DVD

THE WAR GAZETTES DVD-ROM: 40,000 + pages containing every gazetted British gallantry award, Order, Medal, or Decoration that was awarded for service during the Great War, complete with citations were applicable. Digitised, indexed and fully searchable, both dependable and straightforward to use, with printable results. Includes all British awards from the Victoria Cross to the Mentioned in Despatches that were announced and published in The London Gazettes in total a conservative estimate of 370,000 British awards are contained on this disk, additionally 1000's of appointments, transfers, promotions and foreign decorations and medals, with permissions to wear can also be discovered.

We have taken an original run of the Gazettes that contain military information only. These volumes were originally housed in the former library at Chelsea Barracks. The ‘military' element including the Admiralty and Royal Air Force contains lists of appointments, transfers, promotions (mainly to and within officer ranks), awards and citations of many of the senior awards. Foreign awards show the grade of that award e.g. First Class, Fourth Class etc. Often the information given amplifies the mere catalogue in Army, Navy and Air Force lists where only initials and not forenames are shown. A significant benefit is the ability to, in most cases, distinguish between the various people sharing a common surname. The Gazette is a government publication announcing verified facts and pronouncements. It does not contain any opinions or speculation. The Gazette is the official bearer of the War Office events. A supplement was published on behalf of the forces throughout the Great War. Naval & Military Press offers you the opportunity of scouring, at your leisure, the most relevant parts of the Great War London Gazettes from your computer. A massive advantage of using this particular set of Gazettes as the base for your search is the fact that the skilful editing has resulted in most non-relevant sections being discarded. Whereas it is possible to search the Gazettes elsewhere, those searches will be muddied by hits on entries utterly unrelated to military matters or honours and awards. The London Gazettes for the Great War are an extensive resource for the military historian and geneologist. For many years, the only way of accessing the labyrinth of information and detail contained within their 40,560 pages was to visit one of the major libraries and consult the indices, and then refer to the Gazette pages themselves. A very time-consuming and laborious task and extremely easy to miss a name or decoration. Thankfully this is now a thing of the past with this latest DVD-ROM from Naval & Military Press. Amongst the many hundreds of thousands of individual entries are the following orders, decorations and medals that were issued during the Great War: relevant Orders of Knighthood; Victoria Cross; Distinguished Service Order; Royal Red Cross; Distinguished Service Cross; Distinguished Flying Cross; Air Force Cross; Albert Medal; Distinguished Conduct Medal; Conspicuous Gallantry Medal; Edward Medal; Distinguished Service Medal; Military Medal; Distinguished Flying Medal; Air Force Medal; Mentioned in Despatches; Meritorious Service Medal; foreign decorations and medals. Each of the 40,560 pages contained in this set of the War Gazettes has been scanned and, using the latest technology in optical character recognition, a master index has been created. This index can be searched using the supplied version of Adobe Reader. The software is simple and quick to use for basic searches. More complex searches can be undertaken using the ‘more options' feature and of particular note is the proximity searching. Results are displayed by year. Each year can be opened and a preview of the text can be seen. Clicking on the preview of the text will open the pdf document to the precise page and highlight the text that has been matched to your search. Pages can also be browsed and read on screen, and can be printed. Pages cannot be saved or exported. The pdf files of Gazette pages are all contained on the DVD-ROM; a connection to the internet is NOT required for operation of the program. For the fastest possible results, the pdf files are copied to your hard drive upon first installation.

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS A PC running Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista with 4GB RAM installed and a 4X speed DVD drive. Hard drive space of 4.5GB is required for storage of the Gazettes. Please note this DVD-ROM is NOT Mac OS or Linux compatible.

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