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Captured Germans

by Norman Nicol

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Captured Germans : British POW Camps in World War One

When we consider prisoner of war camps in the First World War we inevitably think of those on the Continent. We seem to have forgotten that in the UK there were huge numbers of enemy combatants and alien civilians interned in camps right across the realm. By the end of the war there were almost 500 internment camps in England and Wales, with another twenty-five in Scotland, two on the Isle of Man and one each in Ireland and Jersey.

Between them they held around 250,000 individuals. It is a dark side of history and, for reasons that have never been fully resolved, many of the locations used to intern civilians and combatants during the First World War have been lost in time - until now. In this proposed title, the author has, for the first time ever, tracked down the sites and history of each of these camps and all the places used for internment purposes in the UK during the First World have been brought together in one document.

As these camps were to be found in almost every region of the UK, its appeal will be equally widespread. For local and military historians, teachers, researchers and archaeologists, this book will prove of immense value.We must also not forget that for the families of those that were interred this will also be a vital source of information that was not previously readily available.

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