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Life In A Victorian Workshouse

by Higginbotham, P

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Life in a Victorian Workhouse : From 1834 to 1930

The word 'workhouse' has a grim resonance even today, conjuring up a vision of the darker side of Victorian Britain. Almost every town had at least one workshouse, and most people dreaded ending up there. Here we examine how workhouses came into being, what life was like for men, women and children on the wrong side of the poverty line, and how social attitudes evolved through the momentous events of Victorian Britain into the 20th century.

Illustrated from contemporary and modern sources, this fact-filled guide presents an intriguing picture of a world of steam engines, self-help, service and salvation - where workhouse life, and workhouse reform, influenced attitudes and services we now take for granted.

The Pitkin series provide well-researched and highly illustrated introductions to a subject and are ideally suited to school project work.

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