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The Story Of HMS Revenge

by Alexander Stilwell

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The Story Of HMS Revenge

Between Drake's Revenge and the Polaris submarine, the most recent Revenge, are the glory years of the Royal Navy. Revenge was at the Armada, the Azores, Trafalgar and Jutland and with weapons capable of terrible destruction.The first Revenge commanded by Queen Elizabeth's favourite, Francis Drake, symbolised the boldness and flair of that period. Faster and more manoeuvrable than the massive Spanish galleons.The mighty 25,000 ton battleship with eight 15 inch guns was representative of the strength of the British Empire at its peak.

The first Revenge would have comfortably fitted across the beam of this battleship.This book is more than about the ships, interesting as they are. It describes their commanders and crews, captures the flavour of life on board and details technological developments, and of course, the actions in which they were involved.The text is supported by a selection of great images.

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