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First Battle of the Marne : The French "Miracle" Halts the Germans

by Ian Sumner

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First Battle of the Marne : The French "Miracle" Halts the Germans

In 1914 the Germans launched an offensive that swept through Belgium and into France, threatening to crush French resistance in one fell swoop. However, through careful maneuvering and stubborn resistance, the French Army, aided by the BEF, blunted the assault, winning an important strategic victory that kept France in the war. This victory ensured that Germany would have to fight a two-front war, and the Western Front descended into the stalemate of trench warfare. One of the most important battles in the First World War, the First Battle of the Marne would be the last battle of manoeuver to be seen on the Western Front for several years to come.


Opening moves
Opposing commanders
Opposing forces
Opposing plans
The first battle of the Marne
The battlefield today
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