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Britain's Railway Architecture & Heritage

by Trevor Yorke

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Britain's Railway Architecture & Hertiage

The majestic architecture of nineteenth-and early twentieth-century railway buildings reflected the pride of the railway companies who commissioned them. The structures themselves, from classically-designed stations to mighty viaducts, tunnels and bridges, inspired awe in a travelling public receptive to the splendour of a new kind of tranpsort that was changing their lives. Today, helped along by the popularity of preserved steam railways, these wonderful examples of railway architecture are widely appreciated for their beauty and the role they played in our social and industrial past.

In this highly-illustrated book, filled with his own photographs and detailed drawings,Trevor Yorke describes the huge range of buildings associated with the golden age of steam, including waiting rooms, booking halls, stations large and small, and hotels. He explains the dynamics of their construction, the materials used and the myriad of styles employed by leading architects and engineers of the day. For anyone with an interest in the world of steam railways, this book will prove an invaluable guide o the architectural legacy it has left to us.

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