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U-Boat Attack Logs : A Complete Record of Warship Sinkings from Original Sources 1939-45

by Daniel Morgan & Bruce Taylor

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U-Boat Attack Logs : A Complete Record of Warship Sinkings from Original Sources 1939-45

During the Second World War over 250 Allied warships from a dozen navies were sent to the bottom by German U-boats. This ground-breaking study provides a detailed analysis of every sinking for which source material survives from both the Allied and the German sides, resulting in detailed treatment of the fate of 110 vessels, with the remainder summarised in an extensive appendix. Uniquely, each entry is built around a specialist translation of the relevant segment of the war diary (log) of the U-boat in question, taken directly from the surviving originals remarkably, this represents the first large-scale publication of the U-boat war diaries in any language.

The book offers a wealth of new information, not only with respect to the circumstances of the sinkings from both the Allied and German perspectives, but also to the technical environment in which they lived as well as the fate of the crews. The entries include background details on the vessels concerned and the men involved, with a selection of rare and carefully chosen photos from archives and collections around the world. Each entry is itself a compelling narrative, but is backed with a list of sources consulted, including documents, published works and websites.

A decade in the making, this is probably the most important book on the U-boat war to be published for many a year

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