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If You're Reading This...

by Sian Price

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If You're Reading This... Last Letters from the Front Line

Throughout history, soldiers have known that they run the daily risk of being killed in action for their country. When you are stationed on the front line, it is an ever-present danger. Hence, for more than three centuries, soldiers have been writing farewell letters to be read in the event of their death - a last link with that person, and a voice from beyond the grave.

If You're Reading This brings together a collection of these letters through history.Starting with the Napoleonic Wars and concluding with Iraq and Afghanistan, the book not only reveals farewell letters from soldiers of all ranks and nationalities, but tells a potted history of each individual soldier and his or her story. Where possible, the book will also explore the reaction and impact of those letters on the family who received them. Historically, these letters have been an opportunity to express feelings, facts, and instructions, but overwhelmingly they're a message of love to those who are left behind. A poignant, timely and ultimately uplifting book, which gets to the human heart and real voice of warfare.

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