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More London's Strangest Tales

by Tom Quinn

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More London's Strangest Tales

Why did Winston Churchill ask to be lowered in a bucket to smoke a cigar in the sewers of London? How did the sale of human teeth become such a booming industry? Why is the name George so important to a certain London members' club?As with many old cities, a wealth of bizarre and astonishing tales make up the history of London: subjects ranging from its churches and streets to the incredible behaviour of monarchs and mavericks.In this follow-up to his bestselling London's Strangest Tales, Tom Quinn delves even deeper into the city's endlessly beguiling past, and once more uncovers the quirkiest tales that characterise one of the world's greatest capitals.From the king who enjoyed cross-dressing to the schoolboys who play football with a real pancake, the prestigious department store that once sold cocaine over the counter and the reason Napoleon's nose is built into the structure of Admiralty Arch, More London's Strangest Tales is an incredible collection of all things mindboggling and, quite simply, mad about our fair city.

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