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Sons of Odysseus : SOE Heroes in Greece

by Alan Ogden

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Sons Of Odysseus : SOE heroes in Greece

In this fascinating new study of SOE heroes in Greece, the author recounts how SOE missions through their courage, patience and determination, attempted to come to terms with reconciling British political and military objectives in the cauldron of internecine Greek politics. From the very beginning, McMullen's 'political headaches'abounded as SOE tried to establish a unified Greek resistance movement. For most Missions, it was a steep learning curve, accelerated by the experience of finding themselves in the middle of a bitter civil war during the winter of 1943 - 44, having to endure attacks by Axis occupation forces at the same time as being caught in fighting between EAM-ELAS and EDES guerrillas.

Living behind enemy lines for long periods of time, SOE officers and men were nevertheless able to bring off a series of spectacular sabotage acts and with the assistance of Greek partisan forces doggedly harassed German forces as they withdrew North in the autumn of 1944. The author has been in contact with many of the families of these SOE heroes and has had access to letters, photographs and diaries. Drawing on these sources as well as official archives and published memoires, he profiles the service records of nearly fifty SOE officers and men as they battled against a ruthless enemy,endured the privations of the Greek mountains and struggled to prevent civil strife.

Their extraordinary stories illustrate the many and varied tasks of SOE missions throughout the different regions of Greece from 1942 - 44 and thus provide a fascinating collage of the history of SOE during the Axis occupation and in the run-up to the tragedy of the Greek Civil War of 1944 - 49.

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