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Murder, Mutiny And The Military : British Court Martial Cases 1940-1966

by Gerry Rubin

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Murder, Mutiny And the Military : British Court Martial Cases 1940-1966

Gerry Rubin describes and analyses over twenty court martial cases involving British and colonial forces between 1940 and 1966. Focusing on cases of murder and mutiny the collection covers peacetime, wartime and post-war trials in many theatres of operation, including Britain, Europe, Cyprus, Palestine, Africa, the Far East and even homicide on the High Seas. Many of the cases generated intense public interest and political debate at the time, particularly those involving the imposition of the death penalty and where British troops were involved in the shooting of civilians. With the trials of British soldiers involved in abuses in Iraq still in the public mind this collection is timely. A detailed introduction describes court martial procedure during this period and discusses the continued function of courts martial today.

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