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The English And Their Country

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The English And Their Country: For Overseas Forces

Quirky facsimile in the style of Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain. First published during the Second World War. The English have for centuries been a puzzle to the people of other countries , explains this guide produced for overseas forces stationed in England during the Second World War. The English and Their Country attempts to solve this puzzle, providing an account of English characteristics for confused guests. Including everything from a description of England s geography and climate, to an explanation of the English class system and the Englishman s reserved , sensitive and shy behaviour, this book is a lighthearted and amusing take on English life and customs. Helps clarify some of the many peculiarities of the English: Why are English people so reserved and shy? Why do the English talk about the weather so much? What is the diff erence between northerners and southerners? What do the English eat for breakfast?

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